School Funding Basics

The Ability to Provide Our Children with a First-Rate Educational Experience is Increasingly at Risk

State and Federal governments only provide funding for 5% of the school budget.

Property taxes provide the remaining 95% of our district's annual operating budget; however, as of 2006, the state mandates that property tax increases remain capped at 2%.

Many fixed and recurring costs, such as healthcare and special education, are rising beyond the 2% cap.

County and State officials can and have rejected proposed spending for programs and teachers that exceed the State's standard of an "adequate education" regardless of CSH taxpayers' willingness to support such spending.

There are limited additional opportunities for greater cost-efficiency - our district is among the most cost-effective of all high-achieving districts in the state.

Without CSHEF, the district runs the risk of being forced to  maintain current state "standards" 
and may fall short of being able to fund many of the new programs required to properly
 prepare our children for their futures.