Download our 2016-2017 Impact Report

The Foundation provides funding and facilitates partnerships for programs that spark intellectual curiosity and promote the independent thinking needed for all students in our schools to succeed. We are very proud to have donated over $500,000 in just five years.
- Stephanie DiNozzi, CSHEF President

  • Awarded over $160,000 to complete the District's Junior & Senior High School 1:1 Chromebook initiative helping to expand technology skills, increase collaboration, and provide instruction with real-time feedback and communication.
  • Awarded $150,000 for the creation of Creative Learning Labs, flexible learning environments designed to promote more innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning, providing students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth "Voice & Choice."
  • Awarded $100,000 towards eSpark, an interactive teaching tool used to differentiate instruction and engage students in both reading and math. CSH students' reading levels increased by an average of 25% when using the technology.
  • Awarded $60,000 in devices for LightSail, a responsive learning tool that combines student personalization with real-time assessments that monitor progress and adjust accordingly for growth.
  • Awarded $24,000 for the expansion of the Coral Science and Aquaculture Program at Cold Spring Harbor Junior and Senior High School.  
  • Awarded $21,000 in devices for Achieve3000, a leader in differentiated instruction that uses Associated Press articles to reach and teach all students at their individual reading level while constantly challenging them to advance.
  • Awarded $15,000 to the In-House Science Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor High School providing students the opportunity to conduct high-level scientific research leading to internships, competitions, and scholarships.
  • Brought the robotics program to the elementary schools and awarded $2,800 towards the program, sparking young students' creativity, developing math skills, and stimulating their minds.
  • Introduced computer coding to the elementary schools.
  • Provided a support network of business leaders to teach/mentor High School Virtual Enterprise students. 
  • Hosted/Co-Hosted over a dozen community partnership events ranging from fundraisers to ed-tech and mindful parenting workshops.