Our Team

Board of Directors*

Stephanie DiNozzi, President
Patricia Marcin-Pastula, Vice President/Legal Counsel
Charles Prizzi, Development
Lesa Starkins, Secretary
Francine Conte, Treasurer
Jill Seiman-Mayer, Communications
Colleen Haskell, Donor Relations
Mary Striano
Barbara Callaghan
Dr. Thomas Mannino
Anthony Missano

Non-Voting Trustee

Robert Fenter

Board of Education Liaison

Janice Elkin

Advisory Board

Liz Bentley      
Thomas Calabrese              
Laurie Cary  
Kathy DiMaio          
Ariana Goldman
Dagnia Goldschmidts
Peter Fetterolf
Margy Hargraves
Frank O'Keefe
Heather Spehr
Adrienne Rosof
Dr. Charles Ryan
Michelle Sipanski
Dr. Bruce Stillman
Julie Torrey
Pamela Vegna

*The Board of Directors meets quarterly. All positions are fully volunteer.